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Comune di Uggiate Trevano (CO)

Comune di Vedano Olona (VA)

Protezione Civile - Volontariato Regione Lombardia

Unità Cinofile da Soccorso Italiane

Zona 3 - Protezione Civile Provincia di Varese

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Console commands | Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki | FANDOM

kingdom come deliverance id listThe PlayStation 4 version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance sold 13,058 copies within its first week on sale in Japan, which placed it at number four on the all format sales chart. Accolades. Before release, the game was nominated at the 2017 Game Critics Awards and gamescom events for "Best RPG", winning the award for "Best PC Game" at the latter.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Where to Find the Spade | Tips

Plate armour was developed thanks to improved steel-making techniques and the ability to beat out larger sheets of metal at forging mills. The soldier’s head was protected by a helmet: e.g. the kettle helm (‘ kettle hat ’), the sallet or the great helm.

Armour - Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki

Weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are shown below. Unlike other RPGs nowadays, Kingdom Come:Deliverance allows you to specialize in different fighting styles and weapon classes. Players will constantly learn new moves and techniques, as well as unlock new weapons and armors as they play. There will be more than 100 different weapons.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

e_TimeOfDay – displays the current time in Kingdom Come Deliverance kingdom. Manipulate game saves : Save (the name of your file) – allows you to save the game; Load (the name of your file) – allows you to load a game; Get unlimited money and any object: wh_cheat_money XX – put the amount of gold you want instead of the « XX »;

Console commands | Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki | FANDOM

kingdom come deliverance id listJul 08, 2018 · Kingdom Come: DeliveranceItem IDs Melee Weapons. Bows & Arrows. Alchemy Ingredients. Herbs. Base Liquids. Potions. Food. Kits. Books & Maps. Armour. Helmet. NPC Tool. Misc.

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This page will serve to list all known Console Commands and cheat codes on the PC Version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Like games such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, players on the PC can open

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands list: codes to make

Is there a XML file anywhere in the Kingdom Come installation where I can locate what an items ID is and what the in game name for said is? I’ve been manually comparing Item.xml to armor.xml, then comparing what stats ar…

Kingdom Come Deliverance Review - Not As Good As Everyone

Kingdom Come: Deliverance item IDs. Bastardsword. Footwraps with leather. Leather Shoes. No Pants. Short Breeches. Clean Short Breeches. long linen shirt. Green Hood. Coif. Red Hat. Red Long Sleeve Tunic. Brown Hood.

Kingdom Come Deliverance The Cheat Code List (Cheats Codes

kingdom come deliverance id listA complete list of Kingdom Come: Deliverance Item IDs searchable and sortable by name and item type. Easily copy and paste IDs into your game console.

How to Make Money Fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Tips | Prima …

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Use All Console Commands

This isn't a console command, but a launch option. To enable this option, right click on Kingdom Come: Deliverance in your Steam library, and go to properties. Within the properties menu, there is a "Launch options" button. Press this, and input the command, -devmode. This launch option enables the use of the money and item cheats.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands – useful codes for

To use console commands in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, press the ~ key on a keyboard, or the [ ` ] tilde key - either way, it's the key found just under Esc in the top left. If it does not work, try using different keys. Here is a list of known commands. This list needs expanding and help is wanted.

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